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We Support Your Learning


We support your learning through our “CTQ CARE” Program:

C  Consistency in training delivery, material and personnel
T  Teamwork approach between Learner and Trainer
Q  Quantity of Learning blended with adjustable timeframes
C  Constant motivation, communication and support
A  Accurate adjustments in Learning to identify and support Language, Literacy and  Numeracy (LLN) Barriers
R  Realistic expectations allowing for family, work and environment
E  Education and programs which are supportive of learning difficulties


Additionally, here at Construction Trade Qualifications (CTQ) we are trained in how to identify and provide assistance for different learner’s abilities to view and retain information. We can access the required specialist needed to assist in the learning experience and enable the learner to overcome lifelong barriers to gain a qualification. Sometimes the simplest of things such as mentoring, changing the way we learn or changing the environment we learn in can be the trigger for a positive outcome.




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