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  • Carpentry and Trade Qualifications
  • Building and Constructions
  • Project Management
  • Business
  • Work Health and Safety
  • Contracts and Estimating

Brief history in building
I have been in the building industry for over 20 years. Starting as an apprentice, my experience includes single and second story construction, commercial construction, childcare centres, additions, extensions, new homes and rectification work.

Brief history in training
I have over 13 years of training and assessment experience.

Relevant experience
My experience varies from construction and project management, through to training and assessment, as well as speciality programs for students with Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) barriers.

Passions and greatest achievements in building and training
Winning the Master Builders Australia’s annual award for the ‘Best Renovation Under $250,000’ as well as winning the Wamarra Project Award at the NAIDOC Annual Awards were both great achievements. But really, just seeing the students I train now thrive as builders is the best feeling. Nothing can beat the relationships and experiences I have forged throughout training.

Share a story about a learner’s achievement
We recently ran an Aboriginal program and one of our students who had completed their Certificate III in Carpentry came back in and told me for the first time in a long time they had employment, a fridge full of food and $400 in the bank. Knowing I had helped them achieve this was and always will be a great feeling! Another inspiring student that has always stuck with me was a learner who was severely dyslexic, deaf and left school at the age of 14. He managed to complete his Certificate IV in Building and Construction thanks to a huge amount of dedication and determination.

Statement, saying or words that have changed / influenced your way of thinking
‘Education is the key to all happiness.’

What do you want to offer learners
We want to offer educational pathways to further education or a rewarding and sustainable career.

Outside of work, what do you love to do
Skiing, soccer, building, creating and spending stress free time with the nine kids that surround my life.






  • Certificate III in Carpentry
  • Certificate IV in Building and Construction
  • Diploma in Building and Construction
  • Advance Diploma in Building and Construction
  • Certificate IV and Diploma in WHS
Brief History in Building
I started as a carpenter at the age of 16 and went on to complete my Certificate IV at the age of 22. I have been self-employed as a builder since the age of 26 with experience in new homes, additions and large commercial works.

Brief history in training
I have been training Certificate IV and Diploma level courses since 2007, while still managing my construction company (which I still run to present).

Relevant experience  
I enjoy providing one-on-one training to learners with Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) barriers, and the moment they realise that educational goals are achievable.          

Passions and greatest achievements in building and training
Training learners who think they will only ever achieve a Certificate III qualification and after enrolling in our building courses, their distant goals are turned into reality with them gaining their qualification to become a builder. The reward for me is maintaining contact with them and hearing how they are going in their careers.

Share a story about a learner’s achievement 
One of my learners did his Certificate IV in Building and Construction at the age of 65 so he could manage construction projects and continue to earn an income at his age in this industry. Being able to work with him, listen to his wealth of experience and re-educate him in the areas he needed was extremely rewarding.

Statement, saying or words that have changed / influenced your way of thinking
Compliant - Relevant - Due Diligence.

What do you want to offer learners  
Education, guidance, and the confidence they need to become great builders.

Outside of work, what you love to do
I coach rugby league for Christian Brothers Manly. My passion is to help the players succeed on and off the field and grow as individuals through commitment, passion and mate ship. 
















Lisa operates and manages the financial systems and funding within the business. Her role includes student enrolments, accounts and compliance, ensuring financial stability and growth within the business.








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