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CPC31211 Certificate III in Wall & Ceiling Lining
Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) - Skills Recognition Program
Did you know that if you've been working as a wall and ceiling liner, then your years of experience in constructing bulkheads, assembling partitions, installing and finishing plasterboard, and suspended ceilings can help you achieve a formal qualification!


The Skills Recognition Program at Construction Trade Qualifications (CTQ) enables individuals with vast experience in a specialised field the opportunity to receive a nationally recognised qualification through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). Typically, students for this Program will either be highly experienced wall and ceiling liners who do not hold a current qualification or people new to Australia who wish to have their experience formally recognised.


The CPC31211 Certificate III in Wall and Ceiling Lining will provide graduates with a trade outcome in wall and ceiling lining. As part of the Skills Recognition Program, students will be required to provide evidence of their skills and knowledge, which may include various documents, testimonials and workplace observations.


Here at CTQ we will provide you with the skills needed to succeed in the building and construction industry. Whether you’re interested in improving your job opportunities or achieving trade recognition, get your skills recognised by enrolling today!


This training is funded by the NSW Government.


Entry Requirements



  • Students must be over the age of 18 years;
  • Have worked in the construction industry for at least six years; and
  • Currently working in the construction industry / have access to construction sites to allow for a demonstration of skills and knowledge as required for the units below.





Units of Competency
Students participating in the Skills Recognition Program will be required to demonstrate their current skills and knowledge against the following units of competency.


CPCCCM1012A         Work effectively and sustainably in the construction industry
CPCCCM1013A         Plan and organise work
CPCCCM1014A         Conduct workplace communication
CPCCCM1015A         Carry out measurements and calculations
CPCCCM2001A         Read and interpret plans and specifications
CPCCCM2010B         Work safely at heights
CPCCOHS2001A       Apply OHS requirements, policies and procedures in the construction industry
CPCCPB3001A         Fix standard plasterboard wall sheets
CPCCPB3002A         Fix standard plasterboard ceiling sheets
CPCCPB3003A         Fix battens
CPCCPB3004A         Fix wet area sheets
CPCCPB3005A         Fix ceiling sheets to external protected areas
CPCCPB3006A         Fix fibre cement board
CPCCPB3007A         Apply levels of finish standards to planning and inspection of own work
CPCCPB3008A         Mix plastering compounds
CPCCPB3009A         Finish plasterboard joins manually
CPCCPB3010A         Manually sand plaster work
CPCCPB3011A         Finish category 1 and 2 wet areas
CPCCPB3012A         Cut and fix paper-faced cornices
CPCCCA3014A         Construct bulkheads
CPCCCA3015A         Assemble partitions
CPCCWC3003A        Install dry wall passive fire-rated systems
CPCCWC3004A        Install suspended ceilings
CPCCPB3023A         Load and unload plaster and plaster-related products
BSBSMB301A            Investigate micro business opportunities
BSBSMB406A            Manage small business finances


Once the student has demonstrated that they have all the above skills and knowledge, a CPC31211 Certificate III in Wall and Ceiling Lining will be issued to them.


The Skills Recognition Program provides students up to one (1) year to gather the required evidence to demonstrate their competency. Should the student elect to depart from the Skills Recognition Program before they have demonstrated all the required skills and knowledge, a Statement of Attainment will be issued for the units that have been deemed competent.


Course Fee
The CPC31211 Certificate III in Wall and Ceiling Lining is being offered under the Smart and Skilled program, which is a reform of the NSW Vocational Education and Training (VET) system. Smart and Skilled funding is helping people in NSW get the skills they need to advance their careers. You can determine your eligibility for Smart and Skilled training via the Eligibility Checker.


Prior to being accepted into this course as a Smart and Skilled student, you will need to contact CTQ for a finalised eligibility entitlement quotation. Please note that enquiring about the Smart and Skilled subsidy does not guarantee you a position within this course.


Non-funded price: $3,500



  • $1,500 to be paid at the commencement of the Skills Recognition Program
  • $1,000 to be paid prior to any site visits
  • $1,000 to be paid on completion





CTQ provide a ten (10) day ‘Cooling Off’ period. If the student cancels their application in writing within ten business days of making their initial payment, they will receive a full refund of all fees paid. After this period of time CTQ does not offer any refunds.


In cases of extenuating circumstances an application in writing can be made to the CEO of CTQ to vary these terms. In the event that CTQ are not able to fulfil their agreement to the student, all monies paid will be refunded and a Statement of Attainment for all units in which competency was demonstrated.


Should a student not be successful in their first attempt at completing a unit, they will be offered a second opportunity to complete the unit at no additional cost. Should the student still not complete the unit satisfactorily they will be required to make a new application to sit the unit, at an additional fee of $125.00 per unit per submission.  


How to Apply
Contact the CTQ office on 1300 270 539 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to arrange a cost / obligation free suitability interview.


In the interview the student will:



  • Review Course Information Sheets, Student Handbook and Enrolment Agreement.
  • Meet with a CTQ Skills Assessors to determine if the student has the necessary work experience and proficiency of English to complete the Skills Assessment process, which will include a Language, Literacy and Numeracy component.
  • Review a sample RPL Kit with the Skills Assessor to ensure the student understands the skills and knowledge required to achieve the formal qualification, the method of evidence collection and to discuss any questions that they may have.





At enrolment, the student will need to provide 100 points of ID, such as a Drivers Licence or a Passport and a Medicare Card, as well as a Bank Debit/Credit Card. Please note that all items of ID must be in the same name.


All communication, confirmations and results will be provided in writing, typically by email. CTQ is flexible in the format and timing of assessment activities to ensure that students are provided with every opportunity to demonstrate their skills and knowledge. CTQ offers support to all students with learning needs and can tailor the Program to assist people with various learning needs.


Depending upon the results of the initial evidence submitted in the Program the student may be required to provide additional evidence of competency. If the student is not able to demonstrate the required skills and/or knowledge to meet the needs of the Skills Recognition Program they will not be provided with the requested qualification. It should be noted that CTQ does not provide ‘Gap Training’ and students will need to make their own arrangements to acquire any additional skills and/or knowledge to complete the Program. 


Before Enrolling
Do you have your Unique Student Identifier (USI) yet? It is like an account number that enables access to all your previous training records and results. The good news is you only need one USI number for all of your training – and it’s yours for life! If you do not have a USI, click here to visit the website and be sure to have one form of valid ID ready. Once you have a USI you will need to provide it to us upon enrolment, alternatively you can call on 1300 270 539 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will help walk you through the process!


Due to the requirements of maintaining a safe learning environment, CTQ reserves the right to withdraw any student(s) on the grounds of safety.

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