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Building a Construction Business & Marketing for Builders & Tradesmen (Non Accredited)
I Build, I don’t sit behind a desk all day , social media, websites, marketing – I know it will all help me move my business into an area that will generate more clientele , perhaps better clientele and save me having to pay for costly advertising. We will help you understand how a builder can generate potential leads that are carefully screen for compatibility before we waste our time on costly site visits and quoting. 

With this we will look at how to best market your business, what are the regulations you must adhere to and how you could benefit by learning the basics of client behaviour to better grow and prosper in your business.


Areas of Focus:

CPD offered for attending this course

Duration - 7 Hours (7.30am - 2.30pm)
CPD Points - 7 Points (12 required per year)

Why are we in business

What are all these social media mediums

What are our financial liabilities

Google, twitter, Instagram, Facebook, gumtree, linkedin and your website are discussed

What should my website look like

What is automation

Describe e-commerce

Who can help me now I know exactly what I need in my business

What are some marketing strategies that would best benefit my business

What works , statistics reviewed and discussed

SEO – what does it mean and how could it benefit me

The client profiles are reviewed and discussed are the triggers that seperate your campaign from the others

Lessons learnt - Close out and review of your estimate against actual project costs

Mentoring and support on offer


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