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Contracts for Builders & Tradesmen (Non Accredited)
The phrase becoming a builder is a licence to print money, it also is an opportunity to lose a lot of money if you are not careful. Contracts form an integral piece of the Builders tool kit. To be able to not only insure the company remains viable, but to also trade compliantly is the focus. What contract to use, what’s fair for both parties and who do I need to form contracts with are just some of the areas covered. You may have studied, you may be a builder or you may just require to brush up on your contract knowledge, we will put pen to paper and run through several contracts and contracting relationships that will benefit and protect your business.

Areas of Focus:

CPD offered for attending this course

Duration - 7 Hours (7.30am - 2.30pm)
CPD Points - 7 Points (12 required per year)


Why are we in business

Review of your experience with contracts and your business entity

What are the contractual obligations we are bound by as a tradesman and builder

What is the security of payments act

Who should we form a contract with

What are the different types of contract systems for methods of payment – Lump Sum, Cost plus etc.

Which system works best for which project – Case Studies discussed

What contract would I use, Industry association contract / Fair trading contract?

What is an architecturally or Project Management contract What are our greatest assets, what’s working, what’s not

Simulated residential project scenario as a group a contract is completed

Simulated residential project scenario an individual a contract is completed

How do we maintain the contract whilst construction takes place

What happens if there are contractual non compliances – scenarios discussed

Review of the contracts and discussions around variances with Extension of time and variation

Lessons learnt - Close out and review of your contract against the project. How did it preform and was it the best match

Mentoring and support on offer


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