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Tradesmen to Property Developer for Builders & Tradesmen (Non Accredited)
So you are tradesmen, A Builder, a successful business man but now you want to turn your hand at Building, for yourself. No longer do you want to see the hard work of you and your team turn into the profits of your clients – we can take you to the next step. We have design a course to give you a taste of property development and review strategies and areas that will benefit your property development plans. Interactive, informative but most of all, a challenging class that will look at the benefits as well as the pitfalls in becoming a developer

Areas of Focus:

CPD offered for attending this course

Duration - 7 Hours (7.30am - 2.30pm)
CPD Points - 7 Points (12 required per year)


Why are we in business

What is your current skill set

What is your financial capacity

Are you ready to take on the roles and responsibilities

What will I require to be a successful developer

What risks are involved

Mentoring and A1 tradesmen, what role do they play

What do I do if I don’t know absolutely everything about construction

Discuss a project – from conception to completion but from the eyes and financial management of the developer

How can we secure finance and what are some options

Duplex, townhouse, medium rise, basement, units – all these areas are discussed

Case study on potential scenarios and previous builds

Potential gains and losses

The market , what role can that play and how do I mitigate against risk

Lessons learnt - Close out and review of your estimate against actual project costs

Mentoring and support on offer


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