Remember these words: The pen is mightier than the sword.

If we were gauged on our ability to build, most builders would be extremely successful. Unfortunately, building the structure is only one element of the seven processes in construction.

Below I will outline the essential elements that constitute to a successful construction process…

  • Infrastructure: It is important that you have the support networks in place to be able to service the project. As the builder, having the right tools to do the project is a given, but do you have the right support networks? Below is a short list to consider:
  • Compliance: The right licences, insurances and approvals in place.
  • Financials: Adequate capital or access to credit, a bookkeeper and accountant to manage payments, creditors and debtors along with ATO obligations, etc.
  • Legal: A legal practitioner savvy in Construction Law to help with contractual obligations.
  • Marketing: The team behind you that generates the interest and leads for the next project whilst you are busy working on the current build.
  • Educational: The right knowledge to complete the project or task.
  • Emotional: Your ability to commit to the project for a period of time, as well as support staff in place to help out when the pressure is on.
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