Education by definition, “Involves teaching people various subjects, usually at a school or college, or being taught.” (Collins dictionary)

Building by definition, “A person who constructs something by putting parts or materials together.” (Oxford dictionary)

When we look at our role in the industry, we are here to form a blend between both definitions, ‘to teach a person various subjects to construct something by putting parts and materials together at our college or school’.

As an educator nobody tells you that you will become attached, that you will grow with your students and that you will learn from them. That if you engage, you too will be become a part of their journey.

The day you see the light turn on; you finally hear them answer a question with complete confidence; you see them walk in with their eyes hanging from their after working on their assignment all night; the day you know they finally feel proud of themselves and all that they are achieving, and you can’t help but smile.

We can all remember one teacher that made a difference in our lives, one that went that extra mile, and one that inspired us to learn and make us a bettered person.

As educators we’re not always prepared for the simpler things, the interaction that exists in a class; birthdays, kids parties, weddings, Christmas, work and sport injuries, along with Easter, Anzac Day, holidays, current workplaces and new business ventures. The list is endless and ever changing – it all forms part of the educational experience.

But the classroom should become an experience and an environment that breeds understanding, nurturing and support, but most of all an educational outcome that proceeds past the final session and into the student’s employment career.

As the educator, we are blessed to be able to capture that moment in the student’s life to impart knowledge, create opportunity and form a part of that journey. It’s not based on a financial exchange, it’s not a right nor is it an entitlement, it is a privilege.

So, we will keep valuing the journey as educators and try to remember that our words, the education delivered and our own experiences as professionals could possibly bring comfort and options to our students later when the journey away from the classroom feels lonely and confronting in their chosen profession or newly formed business.

We must always keep the lines of communication open both now, during and long after the education is delivered. Constantly value that our students hang off every word and retain the knowledge if we get it right.

Embrace that learning environment and enjoy every moment for that brief period in their lives they attend our classrooms.

Very much inspired by the loss of a young carpenter and student of ours in rural NSW. RIP mate.

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