Additional Support

At CTQ, our classes are smaller, training can be individually tailored, and more attention can be given to each student.

We offer a variety of services for those who require additional support:

  • Literacy and Numeracy support
  • IT support
  • Financial assistance through a number of subsidised programs and scholarships (visit our Student Funding page for more information).
  • Careers and further education pathways advice
  • Mentoring

We will attempt to support you in your studies; this could be through additional coaching or mentoring or through any other identified way. All Learners completing a Qualification will complete the “Language Literacy and Numeracy form” for CTQ to assess and provide the necessary support where required. 

Equally so, you have a right, and we have a responsibility to provide you with the very best support, assistance and guiding you to the completion of the course and must maintain a high standard of current documentation, good service, good Trainer/Assessors and RPL Assessors who are current in their knowledge and experience in the relevant qualifications(s) being undertaken. 


Our CTQ Care Program

We are focused in identifying and providing assistance for different learners and their abilities to view and retain information.

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