Jayden’s Story

Jayden completed his CPC40110 Certificate IV in Building and Construction with us in 2019.

“Training is important to expand our knowledge and to teach the newer generation how to become great builders and to take on apprentices to continue making great builders. Training is beneficial to improve your knowledge and skills, improving ourselves and making ourselves the ultimate craftsman at our trade.


What course did you study?
CPC40110 Certificate IV in Building and Construction. 

How did you hear about the course?
I heard about Construction Trade Qualifications through my Uncle who did his Certificate IV in Building and Construction and recommended it to me.

Why are you doing the Certificate IV in Building & Construction?
I really wanted to take my experience in building to the next level and bring more experience to my business. 

What has been the most interesting part of the course so far?
Learning from Joey and Tony about all the different contracts and all the little things I didn’t know about.

What are the benefits of completing training to your business?
Training moves the business to the next level and enables me to start bigger projects. 

Nice work Jayden, congratulations on graduating and best of luck with the future, it’s looking pretty bright!

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