Youth and Cultural

Our Vision

To provide educational tools to encourage the youth in our community to kickstart their career in the building and construction industry in a rewarding and exciting way.


CTQ can inspire and educate the learner looking through their eyes, not ours, because no two learners absorb education the same way. Some enjoy hands-on with less theory, others relate best with face-to-face or in a group environment.

We have built educational programs that service first-time entrants in the construction industry, as well as individualised course structures that cater to students with language literacy and numeracy deficiencies.

Training is not for the sake of training but to learn, to change a direction, to gain a qualification and move onto an employment outcome that creates a feeling that’s truly indescribable.


The Wamarra Project

CTQ CEO Joey Ristuccia led a team of trainers and teachers in partnership with the Orange Local Aboriginal Land Council and Master Builders Association to The Wamarra Project. They had the opportunity to work with local people who have experienced some challenging situations that in some ways were defining their lives. This project provided those involved with focus, upskilling and unexpected relationships were built. At CTQ our hope is that we are able to partner with individuals and communities alike to bring change and growth personally, professionally and at a community level.

    “This experience was life-changing, not only for the students but for the educators and the entire team. We connected on a meaningful level through something as productive as building. I saw up-close-and-personal how the building industry can change lives. As we build on the outside, we are made on the inside. Hearing the boys say, ‘I never thought we could do something like that, but at the end of the day we have done it, I’ll do it any day of the week’. Those are words money can’t buy, and that trip was a turning point for me or perhaps the galvanising of the CTQ vision to educate and train. That’s our passion.” – Joey Ristuccia.

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